Class: Health Data Management Assignment: Policy on PMR's in the

Class: Health Data Management

Assignment: Policy on PMR’s in the Health Record

Note: This is a Work Policy and Procedure not a paper. Please see Sample Policy and Procedure on Attachment file and additional information.

The use of Personal Health Records by patients continues to grow. Healthcare organizations are needing to develop policies on how to best leverage the use of this information for patient care in the continuum of care, this can include specific Personal Health Records maintained through an electronic system or can be actual records from other healthcare providers.

Select policies, procedures and guidelines provided for you below or may research policies, guidelines and standards on your own to use as a benchmark. Review your selected policies, procedures and guidelines and select the information after comparing those resources that you will include in your policy and write your policy on Personal Health Records.

Your policy should be sure to address the following:

  • What is a Personal Health record,
  • Is the PHR a part of the legal health record of your organization
  • How can it be used by patients, providers and organizations
  • What are the privacy, security and confidentiality issues
  • What are the management of information and ownership issues
  • What are the maintenance issues relating to PHR

One source you may want to consider is A Report Recommendation from the National Committee on Vital and Health Statistics, Personal Health Records and Personal Health Record Systems.

If the above link will not open by clicking on it, please copy & paste to the hyperlink below into web browser to open.

The completed typed policy should be 1-3 pages. If you use a source for the policy, state the source at the end of the policy under a heading titled references which must be in APA format with In-text citations.

Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates. Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document.

Save your assignment as a Microsoft Word document.

Expert Solution Preview

Introduction: As a medical professor, it is important to teach students about the policies and procedures surrounding personal health records (PHR) in the medical field. The use of PHR is becoming increasingly prevalent, and it is essential for healthcare organizations to develop policies that address privacy, security, and confidentiality issues. In this assignment, students will create a policy on PHRs that addresses the essential components of a PHR policy.

Question: What is a Personal Health record?

Answer: A Personal Health Record (PHR) is an electronic or physical record containing an individual’s health information, including medical history, medications, allergies, and test results. This information is typically maintained and managed by the patient and can be used by healthcare providers to provide better care.

Question: Is the PHR a part of the legal health record of your organization?

Answer: The inclusion of PHRs in the legal health record of the organization depends on the policies and procedures set by the organization. In general, if the PHR is used as part of the organization’s care delivery process, it may be considered part of the legal health record.

Question: How can PHRs be used by patients, providers, and organizations?

Answer: PHRs can be used by patients to manage their health information and provide healthcare providers with critical information about their medical history, allergies, and medications. Providers and organizations can use PHRs to improve patient care by providing a comprehensive view of the patient’s health status, care received, and health outcomes.

Question: What are the privacy, security, and confidentiality issues surrounding PHRs?

Answer: The storage and management of personal health information through PHRs pose significant privacy, security, and confidentiality concerns. Patients need to have complete control over their health information, and unauthorized access to this information can lead to a breach of confidentiality. Therefore, policies should address the measures taken to safeguard PHI from unauthorized access, misuse, and disclosure.

Question: What are the management of information and ownership issues surrounding PHRs?

Answer: Ownership of the PHR is typically vested with the patient. However, the responsibility of maintaining and updating the PHR may be shared between the patient and healthcare provider. Policies should address issues related to who is responsible for updating and adding data to the PHR, ensuring the accuracy of the data, and ensuring the data is accessible to authorized parties.

Question: What are the maintenance issues relating to PHRs?

Answer: Policies should address maintenance issues related to PHRs to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the data. Maintenance issues may include data retention, data backup, and data archiving. These policies should outline specific procedures for managing the PHR and ensuring that healthcare providers can access the latest data related to patient health.

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