Zelazny – A Rose for Ecclesiastes

Supplemental Essay 2 is an opportunity for you to engage with texts and demonstrate competency in citing sources, formulating an argument, and supporting an argument with textual evidence. You should treat this essay as a way to test ideas you may use for the final project. You will write a three-page essay connecting ideas in two of the four readings we have done for the second part of the reading for class: Zelazny

– A Rose for Ecclesiastes.pdf Stone – That Leviathan Whom Thou Hast Made.pdf Armstrong – The Spiral Staircase.pdf Cohen – Becoming Adolf.pdf Using textual evidence, connect two main ideas from these readings. Note: this should not be a comparison of plots. Instead, you should focus more on how texts define abstract human concepts. Examples may of such abstract concepts might include: duty, leadership, tradition, etc. Students will write for an audience that has read either story.

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