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 Over the next few weeks your group will participate in an Intersectional Community Health Forum Series and have a chance to connect and ask questions to a local connection (individual or agency) that addresses your health issue. You will have also reviewed your health issue on a global stage and determined a website link to a global resource for your topic. This assignment has 4 objectives: 1) to work together as a group, 2) to explore a health issue on both local and global stages outlining similarities and differences, 3) to determine a change agent who is addressing this issue, 4) to review this individual in terms of attributes of Agent of Change, and 5) present your information in a scholarly paper. This is an individual assignment. Although your research work may have been as part of the group, each person must write and submit their own paper – not shared material from others. There will obviously be similar sections but the writing must be unique to each group member. The paper has many parts to it: • Describe your health issue using appropriate scholarly sources. • Discuss how this issue is addressed locally – provide context and describe what you found out through your participation in the Intersectional Community Health Forum, Series and the answer to your group question. Discuss how this issue is addressed globally – provide a webpage site you have found which addresses this issue on a global stage. • Address the similarities and differences you have determined between a local and global approach to the same health issue. • Who is addressing this issue? Determine a “change agent” who is working on this issue (either local or global). Who is he/she? Background? How is he/she making a difference? • Outline how your chosen Agent of Change depicts the attributes outlined in our Agents of Change program at York. • Reflect on what you have learned from this assignment. • Paper must use APA format for reference citation, page setup, title page, etc. This paper will include marks for formatting and proper citations. • Paper length: 10 pages maximum, inclusive of in-text references, bibliography is separate but optional. • Due on February 24, 2019 – 23h59. Papers (Word .doc or .docx files ONLY) should be submitted on Moodle, and those received late will be subject to the late penalty. Don’t forget to hit the SUBMIT button. •

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