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Description You can choose any grocery store either from Ottawa or Toronto. Visit a grocery store. Imagine yourself in the role of a Marketing Manager. Observe the different products and brands available, the prices, the aisles and displays, the store layout and atmosphere, the way customers shop, and the customer service. Next, visit the store’s website. Evaluate the design and layout, the available products and services, and the overall customer experience. Compare your online and in-store experiences. Think about the reasoning behind your observations (e.g., why products are displayed in that manner, why particular brands are chosen, why the prices are what they are, etc.). What do these observations tell you about consumer behavior? What can you discern about the marketing strategies and tactics of the retailer? Do you think they are effective? Why or why not? Write a short report (1300-1500 words, single-spaced) about your visit to the store and its website. 1. Identify which store and location you visited. 2. Describe and analyze your in-store and online experience and observations. Be sure to apply class concepts to your analyses and recommendations. 3. Identify one or two marketing problems or opportunities for the store. Discuss the implications or consequences of the problem/opportunity, and make a recommendation to store management. Here are some additional questions to inspire your observations and analyses:  How much time do consumers spend buying different products? How closely do they examine the packaging? Can you draw any conclusions about the role of packaging? What did you learn about consumer decision making?  How are product categories organized in the store layout? How are products organized in a typical aisle? What aspects of the displays/aisles seem to be most effective, and why? Can you guess which brands are market leaders vs. weaker competitors? What gives you this impression?  Do you notice any store brands? How many categories do they cut across? How prominently displayed are these brands? How are the store brands positioned relative to private label brands?  Within a particular product category, how are the different brands priced? Can you identify any differences in pricing strategies of different brands and companies?

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