Creation of CLV models based on new trends in the hotel and hospitality industry.

The purpose of this assignment is for students to create their CLV models based on new trends in the hotel and hospitality industry. Marketing managers often do not have the luxury of textbook CLV questions where all known variables needed are provided to solve a CLV problem; instead, they must rely on a combination of prior experience and a bit of creative “playing around.

” This assignment requires students to “play around” with some hypothetical marketing options to increase CLV. Research the hotel, hospitality, and resort industries and attempt to locate new trends that have a quantifiable impact on CLV. State these trends in the formation of assumptions in the CLV calculations (I.e., XYZ research indicated that Customer Loyalty programs had increased customer retention rates by 10%). You must cite the source of the trends in your memo. These numbers need to be provided by some credible source (website is okay). Re-calculate a new CLV based on the option you selected in Case 1 (I.e., Corporate branding). Compare new CLV (as well as profit and total revenue) to both Corporate Branded CLV as well as Individual Branded CLV. Put all tables for assumptions and CLV calculations in an Exhibits section at the end of the memo. Also please make sure you include an Excel (XLSX) with your final memo submission.

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