How can we build a strategy for sustainability?

 Effective learning involves much self-reflection. In the journal, you are to briefly highlight your thoughts about the lesson concerned, and more importantly, reflect on how learning affects your approach to strategic thinking and real business examples. Topic 9: How can we build a strategy for sustainability?  Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability  Sustainable Development Goals and Businesses Kaplan, R. S., & Serafeim, G., & Tugendhat, E. 2018. Inclusive growth: Profitable strategies for tackling poverty and inequality. Harvard Business Review, 96(1): 126-133. O’Rourke, D., & Strand, R. 2017. Patagonia: Driving sustainable innovation by embracing tensions. California Management Review, 60(1): 102-125. Peloza, J., Loock, M., Cerruti, J., & Muyot, M. 2012. Sustainability: How stakeholder perceptions differ from corporate reality. California Management Review, 55(1): 74-95.

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