Each critique should be at least one and a half

Each critique should be at least one and a half to two typed pages in length.
Each critique must contain:
1. at least one paragraph about the major theme
2. at least one paragraph about new ideas or terms
3. a personal statement concerning your overall reaction to the reading
4. any question(s) that the reading raises in your mind.
5. each critique should be clear and well organized  with correct grammar, spelling,
and punctuation
6. use MLA guidelines for all in text citations and reference pages
Mandatory Critique Format: Your critique, appropriately titled, should be between one
and two typed pages, double-spaced, in 10- or 12-point type. Use one-inch margins all
around. Your title should be centered on the first page, three lines below your name,
and you should begin your text three lines below your title. Type your name in the upper
right-hand corner of each page, and please number your pages. Please use MS Word
as the word processor for this assignment. 

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