I need a professional looking feedback form template to be

I need a professional looking feedback form template to be created, pointing out how as a business we can accomodate patients that do not speak english when our platform is english only. How can a spanish speaking patient navigate the site, what should be implemented, what ideas can we come up with to make the platform use easier for people with language barriers. 

Below you will find feedback from one of our colleagues: 

1. I am not having much impact in spanish interaction, the macros are not friendly nor organic. 

3. We need concentrations in spanish language

4. The concentration is not well stipulated 

5. We need to find a guide that can take us to this interactions and have one Que just for spanish speaking members. 

6. There has been a barrier and I believe that spanish speaking members ar enot taking advantage of the benefits due to language barrier. 

7. We need to find a way to let our spanish speaking members know that we have 24hrs of spanish speaking agents. 

8. We need to find out what translation service and how the translation is taking place when an english speaking agent is assisting a spanish speaking member. 

Example on feedback from a spanish member: 

“There was one time I received a call from a member that has a son that does not speak english and I had advised I need a consent to further assist with creating an account. I think we should speak to the legal team so we can have ROI or any related documents in spanish as well” 

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