There are 3 files attached. RJr_Exp19_Word_Ch04_ML1_Web (1) – This is

There are 3 files attached. 

RJr_Exp19_Word_Ch04_ML1_Web (1) – This is the file is your work. 

Exp19_Word_Ch04_ML1_Web_final_result (1) – This file is an example of how it should look. 

Exp19_Word_Ch04_ML1_Web_Design_Instructions (1) – This file is instructions. 

1. You must download the starting files available below. The file for this assignment will be unique to you, so make sure to save it where you know you can retrieve it easily. 

2.  Follow the instructional steps to finish the project (point values can also be seen using the link below). 

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