Psychology of Abnormal Behavior Assignment Content Please read the case

Please read the case study below and answer the following questions: 

1. What did the counselor do that was unethical? Explain and describe legal issues that were violated in the case study.
2 Why is it important to have a code of ethics in clinical settings?
3 How do you feel that this situation could have been handled better?

Paperr should be 1-2 pages in length, double spaced

Paul came to see Mr. X who is a counselor at the ABC Counseling Center. Paul reported feeling depressed and confused about his sexual orientation. Paul was very worried about confidentiality. Mr. X never explained the limits of confidentiality nor provided Paul with Patient’s Bill of Rights. Paul, however, continued seeing Mr. X for therapy. 

Paul was married with two children. He is very religious but attracted to men. He feels guilty being attracted to a male co-worker who is openly gay. Paul loves his wife and feels very confused. Paul’s extreme feelings of guilt is causing him to feel depressed and anxious.  After several sessions, Paul was feeling better and stopped therapy. Paul’s wife found a phone number of his counselor at the ABC Counseling Center. She called the Center, and Mr. X, the counselor, told her that Paul was no longer receiving counseling at the Center for marriage problems.

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