Throughout the class, we have looked at the dark side

Throughout the class, we have looked at the dark side of our country and the West in general through colonialism, in terms of white supremacy and social injustice.  For this assignment, you want to apply what you have learned to better strengthen your opinions on immigration.  Of course, Trump declared we would build a wall along the southern border.  We have had a refugee crisis in Europe as people have been fleeing the Middle East and Northern Africa for years now.  While we have taken some supporters from Afghanistan, millions are stuck in camps throughout South Asia and the Middle East.  With natural disasters and the Russian invasion, Haitian and Ukrainians wait at the border in Mexico trying to get into the United States.  Consider the state of our country and how many people the government should allow into our country.  Consider Hardin’s “Lifeboat Ethics” and how far we can go before sinking ourselves.  How restrictive should our immigration policy be? (Don’t use the prompt as your title)

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