Read Chapter 8: Boundaries & Ethical Use of Power (p.


  • Read Chapter 8: Boundaries & Ethical Use of Power (p. 137-152)
  • Watch the following movies:

50/50” (2005) Available to rent w/your Amazon Prime Membership for $3.99 (you can sign up for a 7-day free trial). You may also find a movie through Tubi found under your cable Apps such as Comcast, Verizon

Actors: Seth Rogen, Anna Kendrick, Joseph Levitt

Prime” (2011) Available to rent w/your Amazon Prime Membership, or on HBO & HBO Max (you may be able to sign up for a 7, 10, 30-day trial)

Actors: Meryl Streep & Uma Thurman

  • Post your responses to the following questions on the Discussion Board:
  1. Briefly describe the terms Boundary Crossing & Boundary Violation & provide an example
  2. From the movie 50/50: Describe whether there were any issues of boundary crossings or boundary violations—or both? For example, you could say:  “In the movie, 50/50, when David’s therapist touched him, that demonstrated boundary ___ because____”

“In the movie Prime, when Rafie’s therapist said/or did “_____, that demonstrated a boundary _____ because____”

*You will write down 1-3 scenes for each of movies that demonstrates Boundary Crossing & Boundary Violation

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