Do a report and then a PowerPoint of what you


Do a report and then a PowerPoint of what you did in the report, the slides as many as you like but he needs 10min for me.

Report Instructions

  1. Review the case study named “‘WOLFGANG’S BALANCING ACT: REWARDING HEALTHCARE EXECUTIVES IN A DISPERSED YET INTEGRATED FIRM” and provide brief answers to questions given at the end of case.
  2. While drafting a formal Business Report please focus on below points:
  3. Describe and Analyze the IHRM issues in the case study allocated to your group
  4. Apply the material covered in class during this course
  5. Evaluate the implementation options you discovered during your studies
  6. Create a “Best Practice” business solution to respond to trends in your case study
  7. Present your solution as a report to “the executive committee.

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