You will complete a 750-word paper on writing a proposal


You will complete a 750-word paper on writing a proposal for a new Juvenile Program.

We have discussed many issues within the juvenile justice system. Many of you already have had thoughts about different programs that you feel would be useful to help juveniles. Maybe it is a program to help troubled youth before they get in to trouble. Maybe it is a program for juveniles that have been adjudicated in court are required to attend. It could be a program for juveniles that have committed a sex crime or for victims of crimes. What is it that you are passionate about? Bullying? Mentoring program? Sexting help? Teen pregnancy or is it something else?

(15 points) What is the name of your program? What is the program and what will be the goal of your program? Why is the program needed?

Conduct research into the problem. For example, if your program helps pregnant teens, then conduct research on the problem. What are the statistics for pregnant teens? Does it lead to unemployment? Drug abuse? What about problems for the baby. Low birth weight? Single family homes? Are teen pregnancy rates rising, falling or staying the same? What type of programs have helped in other areas and what type of changes did they receive? When coming up with a program name previous class student have used some of the following. Keep in mind that a juvenile will be attracted to a program that sounds cool. Would you want to belong to a program named “Troubled Youth”?
No Time for Crime (A afterschool program)
“WECAN” (World’s Enrichment Cultural Art Network Program) Improving the social behavior around the world through art and networking
Operation Lifesaver (Afterschool and Homework program)
Dream Team (A “WECAN” (World’s Enrichment Cultural Art Network Program) Improving the social behavior around the world through art and networking. (Nonprofit) mentoring program)
(10 points) Who will be accepted in the program? (Before the juvenile gets in trouble or condition of court order from Judge? or will it be something else?

(10 points) What will be the criteria to be accepted in the program? For example, a referral from a parent, teacher, law enforcement officer? One adjudication in court, two, three…

(5 points) How many juveniles will be maximum number of juveniles in the program at any one time? Keep in mind, most programs start small and as they succeed grow larger.
(5 points) What ages will be in the program? If you have a big gap in the ages, you may need different areas to meet. For example, younger juveniles can assault or bully younger juveniles.
(5 points) Will you have males, females or both? Males and females mixed together can lead to relational issues.
(5 points) How many staff will you need per juveniles? Will they be volunteer or paid? How will you make sure they are suitable to be around juveniles? background checks? interviews etc…
(5 points) How will the students get to and from your building? Where will you get your building or room? Will you buy, rent or something else. Will you have buses, funding for taxis, parent’s responsibility? Keep in mind that many parents do not have vehicles and city buses may not run in their areas.
(5 points) How will you get your funding? Grants, donations, fund raisers etc…
(10 points) How will you know if your program is working? What type of records will you maintain to determine if your program is working?
(10 points) Spelling and grammar
(10 points) This final work should be a minimum of 750 words. Make sure to answer the questions fully in your paragraphs. You should not be numbering or writing out your questions although you may keep the subject areas in the same order. The paper should be written the same as any college paper with an Introduction, Body and Conclusion.
(5 points) APA format including title page and reference page. You should have a minimum of 3 references. The references do not have to be scholarly articles although scholarly journals will receive extra points. An abstract is NOT needed.
There are examples of local programs in your reading Work including information on starting programs. You will also find information on funds that are available in Cumberland County. You should also use the Internet to obtain information.
Work that are plagiarized will receive a ZERO!
I already have two websites I found that will be part of the references – the last one can be up to you.1.

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