Choice 2: Discuss how the terrorists’ attacks on 9/11 affected

Choice 2: Discuss how the terrorists’ attacks on 9/11 affected the criminal justice agencies. Include in your paper, the formation of a new government department: Homeland Security. How is the new structure working against the War on Terrorism? How is the new structure not working?

Write a 5 page double spaced paper (Title page, Abstract, Table of Contents if used, quotes, images, charts, reference page, and any Appendix) do not count toward the 5 page minimum. Again the 5 pages referes only to original work in the body of the paper, and in turn the paper will be longer than 5 pages once the other mentioned items that do not count toward page length are added (e.g., title page, reference page, etc). Also papers found to use other than Times New Roman 12 pitch, and to include additional white space beyond regular double spacing or larger than 1″ margins will as a minimum receive a full letter grade deduction. Again normal double spacing, 1″ margins (no more or less) and Times New Roman 12 pitch are mandatory as the page length is based on these established requirements

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